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10 Best Programming Language for Android Games

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In the current situation, the android mobile phone has spread all over the world. It has many functionalities. And most people use Android for playing games. 

Not only among children but among mature persons, there is a craze for playing Android games. And many people also think about the facts about how the Android game was made.

Well, Android games are generally made with the help of programming languages. There are several types of programming languages are available for creating games. And here is the article I will mention some of the best programming languages for Android Games.

And besides that here I explain the essential features of those programming languages, so please stick to the end of this article for more information.


Generally, Game Development is an art and it is the process in which games are created. 

In comparison with Developers game developers’ workload is very high because here you not only have to write the codes but decide that you have to perform lots of other tasks.

As a game developer, you have to focus on various things such as – user interface, gaming mechanics, reward points, level creation, player engagement, etc. 

To create a wonderful game you have to choose a good programming language because based on that programming language you can create games according to your wish.

According to some stats, there are almost 700+ programming languages are available, and among those very few are used to create games.

Best Programming Language for Android Games [Names & Details]

  • C++
  • Lua
  • Java
  • Python
  • Swift
  • Ruby
  • JavaScript
  • C#(C sharp)

These are some of the most popular programming languages used for game development.

Now I will discuss these programming languages in detail and why these languages are best for creating android games.


It is a very popular programming language and many developers choose this programming language for making software, web-based applications, and creating games. 

It is a kind of general-purpose programming language.

And developers can use these programming languages in several areas.

That it is can be used to develop games for browsers for making operating systems, besides that this language is also used to create graphics, banking applications, databases, compilers, etc.

Most game developers choose this C++ programming language for creating games because it is fast and its compilers are very good which will helps developers to compile the code very fast. 

C Sharp(C#):

It is another familiar programming language That developers used for creating games. 

It is also a multi-paradigm general-purpose programming language and it is also used in several areas.

It is a kind of object-oriented programming language and its developer is Microsoft itself. The file extension of c sharp is .csx. 

With the help of this language, various things can be done such as creating web applications, Windows applications, games, etc.

The main advantage of using this programming language within games is the c sharp programming language provides a kind of framework and with the help of this Framework, you can create games very easily.

And it also works in combination with the Unity game engine.


Specifically, it is a high-level programming language and it is a lightweight programming language.

It can be used across platforms. It is very easy to learn as a new programmer.

It is also considered the most popular scripting programming language used for creating games.

Is programming language suitable for creating games because it loads data very fastly and the code is very short?


It is another very familiar programming language that game developers tools.  

It is a high-level programming language and besides that, and it is also known as the object-oriented programming language. 

Its developer is Oracle corporation and it was initially developed in the year of 1995.

One of the main advantages of using the Java programming language is that it can be used in numerous areas. Such as with the help of this language you can create mobile applications, games, graphical user interfaces, web-based applications, business applications, etc.

It is also helpful for game programmers because this programming language is multithreading and sockets.


In recent times Python has become the most popular programming language that programmers choose for their works.

It is also a high-level programming language as well as a general-purpose language.

Its developer is the python software Foundation, it was initially released in the year 1991.

And it can be used in various areas also, as a developer with the help of Python programming you can do lots of things such as – Data Analytics, programming applications, web applications, game development, language development, etc. 

Although Python is very slow but tills it is one of the best programming languages because of rapid prototyping, which means that you can create a game by declaring a mall piece of code or prototype.


At the current time, kotlin has become one of the most preferred programming languages for making android games.

It is a kind of cross-platform and general-purpose programming language, you can use kotlin programming language instead of Java programming.

It is not an old programming language it was initially released in the year 2011 and its developer is JetBrains. 

One of the most important advantages of using Kotlin over Java is that within the Java programming language you have to write multiple lines of code but within this programming language, you can write the same amount of code within a single line. 

And besides that, the syntax of this programming language is also very easier for the developers.  

Because of that kotlin language emerging day by day for making android applications and games.


In our list of programming languages next is Swift’s programming language. 

People are always confused about that is it possible to make Android apps, and games with the help of Swift programming language. well, I can say that it is possible. And this language works in combination with Unity Game Engine.

It is a general-purpose and multi-paradigm programming language it was developed by Apple and it is a very modern programming language that was initially released in the year 2014 after that it was updated several times and its stable version was released in the year 2021.

As I mentioned this programming language is created by Apple, therefore, it is mainly used to create applications for iOS platforms but this programming language can also be used for making android apps and Android applications.

And modern developers are choosing these programming languages because one main reason is that they can make applications and games for two devices Android also and also for Apple devices.


Javascript is one of the most popular programming languages among developers.

It is a high-level programming language and multi-paradigm programming language.

It is also known as a scripting language it can be used for the front portion as well as for the back portion of any website.

It was initially released in the year 1995, however, with the help of JavaScript many kinds of games can be created and you can create games for several platforms also.

But to do that you have to take the help of some of the tools besides that you can also use the libraries that JavaScript has to make your games much more attractive. 


Well, PHP is a programming language that is mainly used for web development purposes.

And it is a general-purpose scripting language it was initially released in the year of 1994.

Well, many people ask whether is it possible to make games with the help of the PHP programming language, I should say that PHP is must preferable programming language for the server portion. It is used in various game engines also.

However the making of games within this programming language is a very difficult task, and there are other good languages available for making games. Therefore this language is not used for the making of games.


Ruby is a high-level and general-purpose programming language it was released somewhere around 1990.

It is supported within several platforms and besides that, it also is used for making IOS applications and Android applications.

And in some cases, it also can be used for making games. 

What Programming Language are Android Games written in?

According to Wikipedia, there were somewhere around 700+ programming languages available and very few of them are used for game development.

Although I have mentioned a detailed guide about the programming language used for game development in the uppermost section.

But still, here I have mentioned some of the other programming languages names which are most popular amongst developers for making games-

  • Java
  • Python
  • C++
  • LUA
  • C Sharp
  • Kotlin

What is the Best Programming Language for Games?

 There are several programming languages available but according to my recommendation, Java is still the best programming language for making android games. And Swift is the best programming language for making Apple Games.

Best Programming Language for Games for Beginners

Although Java is considered one of the best programming languages for games if you are an absolute beginner in this computer programming field then I should suggest you choose Python.

It is one of the best programming languages suitable for beginners.

Best Programming Language for 2d Games

For the creation of 2d games you can choose the Python Programming language it is one of the best languages for 2d games.

However, you can also choose other programming languages like- 

  • Go 
  • C Sharp (C#)
  • Java

Easiest coding language for games

Among all programming languages, Python is the easiest programming language according to my recommendation.

Final Thought

In this article, I have discussed some of the best programming languages used for android games. Here I mention 10 programming language names and among these programming languages Java, Python, C++, and C Sharp are mostly used for creating android games.

I hope you have liked this article and if you have any kind of query then you can ask me in the comments section.

And always visits our website for this kind of informational article. 

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