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Are AMD Ryzen Processors Bad? (Experts Advice)

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The AMD is one of the most popular brands when it comes to processor brands. But before buying the AMD Ryzen processor, one question constantly appears in people’s minds that AMD Ryzen processors are good or not.

Well, I am a computer programmer, and I have done a ton of research about this topic; and I also get some experts advice, and here in this article, I am going to answer your query.

So, Are AMD Ryzen Processors Bad?

No! I have been using the AMD Ryzen processors for a long time, and the performance is quite excellent. And if you want to get a suitable processor at the lowest price, then Ryzen processors are pretty good. But when it comes to features and advantages, then the Intel processors are much better. 

In the below section, I have thoroughly explained why Ryzen processors are wrong, so keep reading this article to the end.

Why AMD Ryzen Processors are Bad?

Although AMD Ryzen has emerged as a processor brand and at the current time, it is one of the top competitors of the Intel core processor.

But, there were some crucial reasons, and based on those reasons, most of the users explain that AMD processors are not so good. Here, in this section, I have described those reasons in detail-

Not so Good at Gaming

The AMD RYZEN brand has improved a lot from its older versions because, in recent times, most of the Ryzen processors are contain eight cores, but still, the single-threaded performance remains a problem for gaming.

Are AMD Ryzen Processors Bad
AMD Ryzen Desktop Processors with PRO Technologies

Although, AMD’s previous generation’s chips which launched somewhere around 2011, provide awful performance in single-threaded performance. Although the Ryzen closes the gap significantly, it is still false short of Intel’s performance.

However, the main problem is that most pc games generally can’t take full advantage of eight cores. Performance doesn’t scale nearly as well with the core count compared to other applications, which leaves Ryzen at a disadvantage.

This varies from game to game, and some games do a better job than others. But typically, the single-threaded performance matters for gaming. And that is precisely where Ryzen falls short.


The AMD Ryzen has been evolved as one of the best competitors of the Intels core processor, but Intel’s core processors are much more popular than the Ryzen processors.

And because of Intel’s popularity, the Ryzen brand has a downmarket little bit.


The core is such an essential thing of any computer processor. In older times, a processor only had one core and focused on one particular task at a time. But in recent times, most CPUs have come with multiple cores.

And therefore, one core focuses on one task while the other cores work on different tasks. So, the more cores a CPU has, the more efficient it is.

If we compare Intel’s processors with Ryzen’s processors, we will notice that Intel’s processors come with maximum numbers of cores. Therefore Intels processors work more efficiently than Ryzen cores.

Market Leadership

This is another major issue of why Intels have more sales than the Ryzen processors. The Intel processors have been the market leader for the past 5 decades, and therefore, they are generating much more sales.

But, AMD is now improving day by day, and slowly they are taking the market leadership from Intels.

Video Editing or Rendering

As you already know, most of the Intels processors have come with multiple cores. These extra multicore intensive tasks help do something like video encoding or video rendering. So, if you want to learn video editing, Intel’s processors are always an excellent choice for you.

These are some of the essential reasons, and based on these reasons, AMD is considered a lousy processor than AMD Ryzen.

But, in my opinion, AMD processors are not that bad, yes, in some cases, Intel provides better performance than the Ryzen, but otherwise, AMD Ryzen processors are pretty good.

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Is AMD Bad for Gaming?

Well, the gaming performance of any processor depends on several things, including the clock rate speed, cores, etc. Now, if we talk about gaming performance, most AMD Ryzen processors provide a 4GHz clock speed rate, and most AMD Ryzen processor contains 4 cores that are not enough for gaming.

While, at the same time, Intel provides maximum numbers of cores and more clock rate speed into each Intel core processor, and for this reason, Intel is a better choice for gaming.

But, that doesn’t mean all AMD Ryzen processors are not suitable for gaming; for instance, the latest AMD Ryzen 5900x model is an excellent choice for gamers, and this particular CPU contains 12 cores, 4.8 boost clock rate. Therefore it can beat any Intel processor when it comes to gaming.

So, based on all the facts, it can be said that the AMD processors are not bad for gaming; there was some AMD Ryzen model which provides excellent gaming features.

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Is Ryzen Worse than Intel?

Well, when it comes to the popular processor’s brands, there are only 2 popular brands: AMD and Intel. But people often get confused between these 2 brands, and they choose the Intel Core because they think AMD Ryzen worse than Intel.

Are AMD Ryzen Processors Bad
AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Desktop Processor

But that is not the correct thing; AMD Ryzen and Intel Core are both excellent processors, and which one is better depends on what tasks you are performing.

If you are using your computer for a primary purpose such as for sending emails, browsing the internet, and watching Netflix, I should suggest you go for the Intel Core i3, which contains 4 cores, and it provides speed up to 4.6 GHz. While at the same time, the Ryzen 3 series processor has 3 cores and provides speed up to 4GHz. So, for performing the basic tasks, the Intel i3 processors are better than the Ryzen 3 processors.

Secondly, if you play mid-level games and works in photoshop, then the i5 processors are better than the Ryzen 5 processors because the Ryzen 5 processors provide 4.4 GHz speed. In contrast, the Intel I5 processors provide 4.6 GHz speed.

Thirdly, if you are an enthusiastic gamer, creative professionals, or anyone who used their computer quite intensively, the Ryzen 7 is better than the Intel i7. Because this Ryzen 7 provides much more cores and it consists of a higher clock speed rate. However, for the multitasking purpose, the Ryzen 7 is also better than the Intel i7.

Fourthly, If you are a die-hard gamer or professional designer, the i9 processor is better than the Ryzen 9 processor. Because the Intel i9 has a much more high clock speed, around 5GHz, which is better than the Ryzen 9 processors.

So, based on all the facts, it can be said that the Ryzen processors perform better comparatively than the Ryzen processors for most of the purposes. But, if you have a low budget, you can pick the Ryzen processors because these Ryzen processors are available at the lowest prices in the market.

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Disadvantages of AMD Ryzen Processor

Although the AMD Ryzen processors are available at the cheapest costs in the market, there were some essential disadvantages of these Ryzen processors, and here in this section, I have explained some of the significant disadvantages of using these Ryzen Processors-

Single-Threaded Performance

This is a crucial disadvantage of using the AMD Ryzen processor; this Ryzen processor performs worse in single-threaded applications.


The frequency rate of the Ryzen processors is not so high. If we compare Ryzen processors frequency with Intel’s processor’s frequency, we will notice that the Intels processor’s ryzen processors frequency is much lesser than the Intels processors.


There is no doubt that the Ryzen processors are less efficient, and you need fast RAM sticks to use the Ryzen properly. This is not the case with Intel. In concise, we can say that the Intel processors are much efficient than the Ryzen processors.

In ConClusion:

I hope you already get your answer that are AMD Ryzen Processors bad or not? to know more about the the AMD Ryzen Processors and other tech related articles keep reading this article to the end.

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