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10 Major Advantages of Html5

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Welcome to this article here we will discuss what are the major advantages of html5 and the other topics regarding html5. So please read the full article.

Html5 definition

Html5 is the markup language unlike the other HTML version this is also used for the creation of web-based software and web-based applications.

The first HTML version originally releases in 2008, later it upgrades multiple times and at the present moment, there is the html5 version available and which actually release in the year 2014.

When it was started its main target is to improve our original HTML structure and to embed the various graphics and multimedia formats.

There are lots of new tags are available in the html5 which is not actually present in the HTML older versions. And all the tags do different works.

But there are several things that do not change from the previous versions of HTML such as the extension.

The HTML file extension of html5 is similar to HTML in other versions. We can save our document by pressing .htm or the .html.

I mentioned the basic introduction of html5 and now we will discuss the major advantages of html5.

10 Advantages of html5(Explained)

Here in this section, we will discuss the various What are important features and advantages of HTML5, based on their separate factors. So let’s start the discussion.

1. Freshness:

If you are a web developer or computer programmer then you definitely know that freshness is one of the most important factors while writing any computer code because in any company you have to write lots of codes to develop software or a website and in this case, the user of html5 will helps us because html5 provides us such a fresh and clean user interface through which we can easily understand the others codes.

And we also can remove any code or structure according to our requirements.

2. Forms:

By using the html5 if you want to create any form then you can easily do that.

Well, that does not mean that in HTML previous versions the creation of forms is not possible but in the newer version of html5, we can take any information from the users by using the input type attribute.

There are some valuable attributes are available in html5 which is not available in the HTML older versions.

Such as the date and time attribute, email attribute, phone number attribute, etc.

3. upgradation:

In the software-related field, you have to upgrade yourself continuously.

So therefore html5 is the upgraded version of the HTML therefore I would recommend you always upgrade yourself and always use the upgraded software.

4. Media supports:

In previous HTML versions the media tags are not supported by the browsers and if they support then the browser will not show the tags, but in the html5 versions, the media tags are supported by default.

Therefore, you don’t have to use any plugins to display any audio or videos.

5. user interaction and design:

This is another important and major factor of html5 because it increases the user interaction and design of our websites and web pages.

In html5 there are lots of new tags are available such as the header tag, footer tag, nav tag, section tag, etc.

And with the help of these tags, we can easily design our websites without the help of CSS and javascript.

Furthermore, these also use to improve our screen size and orientation.

6. Browser supports:

This supports many browsers such as chrome, firefox, opera, and safari. So we can write its code into our text editor and then run it into any of the web browsers.

7. Mobile supports:

If you do not have a desktop or laptop then you can run this code on your mobile. It is another factor of html5. If you went somewhere then you can practice code by carrying your mobile.

Besides that, it also allows the javascript code, so not only do you practice code on mobile but you can also design responsive web design.

8. Gaming development:

What are the advantages of HTML5 in-game programming … this is one of the most popular questions that people have asked and searched, in nowadays games became much more popular.

So if you want to become a game developer then you have to become an expert in programming. There are many programming languages are available on the internet through which we can develop a game. For example, java is one of the main languages which is used to build a game.

But if you want to develop a simple game then you can do that by knowing the html5 tag. The canvas tag in html5 is used for this purpose. But remember one more thing, that with the help of html5 you can only build basic games.

9. Doctype :

Html5 allows us to create a shortcut and use that code the many times we want. In HTML older versions we have to write a long head section and use multiple tags inside that head section. But html5 provides such a tag as doctype which included all the tags.

And if we write the doctype tags at once then we can use the same code multiple times, and whenever we want to code at that point in time we can easily use that code.

Check the html5 doctype structure- click here

10. Websites for other devices:

If you want to build a website that is desktop-friendly as well as mobile-friendly then it is not possible with the help of HTML older versions.

But these things are possible with the help of html5 versions because it allows us to create a website that is desktop-friendly, mobile-friendly as well as tablet-friendly.

Because this is used to create the amp versions of our website.

In the upper section, I discussed the major advantages of html5, now we will discuss the other important factors.


Why use html5?

I already mentioned the major factors regarding the html5, if you are in a confusional mind then I should tell you that html5 is the better version among all the other versions and there are lots of new tags included in this version, so you till engage into older version then you will be unable to upgrade your skills.

And if you want to work in the software field then up-gradation is one of the major factors.

Does html5 work on all browsers?

Well, I definitely mentioned that html5 is the latest markup language and it is almost working on all the main web browsers.

Here I provide a list of html5 browsers –

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer

There are other browsers also where you can run your html5 code but those are not much popular.

How do I start html5?

Well, this is a very important factor about how you will start the html5, I would suggest that to start the html5 coding you have to first clear the basic concepts of the HTML.

And whenever you clear your basics concepts then visit our website and learn all the html5 programs one by one.

But to practice the HTML code you need some necessary things the text editor and the web browser, choose these two things according to your requirements and then read one program and practice that on your device.

Is html5 is easy to learn :

Well if you are absolutely a beginner then the htm5 might be not easy for you but if you already read some things about programming then the html5 is very easier for you.

Because the basic structure of html5 is not too much separate from the HTML older versions.

And even html5 is not even a programming language is a markup language that is used to build websites and web pages.

So I will say to you that if you follow our website’s regular basics and read all the articles and implement those and practice those then the html5 is very easier fr you.

Do I need to install html5?:

We install the software that is used to create a web application. But html5 is not any programming language or any software. Basically, we need two things to work on html5, one is an editor and another is a browser.

If anyhow the browser not allows the code then you can update your browser otherwise anything else is not needed to run the html5.

Disadvantages of html5 :

Although there are various advantages of html5 but till there are some disadvantages of html5 which are –

  • The video tag of HTML is not actually supported by all browsers.
  • If you want to use the html5 code then the modern browsers are best, because in older browsers it was not supported at all
  • The game development process in html5 is not much easier at all. And even you cannot create any attractive games with the help of html5.

Html or html5: I already mentioned Why we use HTML5 instead of HTML? and, which I have to select based on their separate factors.


Thank you so much for reading this article, this article is all about the advantages of html5, and about html5 features, etc. So please follow our website for this kind of informational article.

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