Advantages of email and Disadvantages of email

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Email is one of the most useful features on the internet.

It gives us an interface through when we can send message to anyehere in anyplace.

Besides these things email has numbers of advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of email :


Speed is one of main reason of peoples interaction in email. Email is very faster.

We can send any message within a seconds in any location of the world.


In email we can write only some few lines or several hundreds of lines according to our need.


If someone wants to send a simple letter or fax in any place then it might have taken some cost but through email, we can send the same message without any cost.

Easy to use:

Email is very easy to use, it is very simple to use than the normal postal system because in the normal postal system we have to first write a letter then buy a stamp and then find a letterbox to drop it.

Thats why email is very convenience to use.

Those people who does not have any technological knowledge,those people can also use these.

Receiving messages:

In our postal system if you are not presence in the home then postmaster returns from your home and you have to give some extra effort to get that letter but that is not the case in email.

We need not be at our computer all the time to receive a message.The message is already stored by our service orovider.

It will deliver the message .

The message is already stored by our service provider.It will deliver the message infront of us when we ask for it..

Multiple copies:

We can send the same message to one or make some multiple copies and without rettyping those and send messages to multiple persons.

Physical location:

Physical and geographical location matters in the case of postal system.One cannot send the letter whole day in normal postal system.

That is not the case in email we can send email message through out whole day and any place .

No physical or geographical location matters in this case.


Suppose you have send a normal letter to someone,then it might be possible that it falls on the wrong hand and in this case email is very safe,secure and confidential.

Sharing multiple elements:

Through the medium of email we can send not any text but we can send movie,pictures,documents,videos,graphics etc.

Business puposes:

In todays world everything was happening through internet.Online business becomes so popular.

In this situation email becomes most useful feature to spread your business online.

Disadvantages of email :

Information overload:

Suppose you are interact with too many peoples on the internet and on email.

Therefore too many peopl sends to many information ,thats usually harm our device and activities.

Lack the personal touch:

Some things are best left untryed email will never beat a hand written card or letter when it comes to relationship.


Those people who do not take the time to read emails before reading or clicking them and sends that message that creates confusion and misunderstanding between people.

Therefore lots of time is wasted.

Pressure to reply:

Suppose you have received a very message and it is mandatory to reply to that message but you know that the message is stored in your inbox.

Thats create procrastination and procrastination is one of the bad habit.


If you are dealing with email messages then you have to avoid spam, and dealing with spam is one of the worst and avoidable time wasters on the internet.


One of the major issues connect with online system is viruses .Virus seriously harm our device such as mobie,laptop.

If you want to know how to use email you have to definitely be aware of various viruses.

Hardware requirement:

If you want to send an email message then you definitely need so,e hardwares such as mobiles ,laptops po pcs etc.

Sending emails by mistake:

In internet you have to just perform a click to send message to someone.

If by mistake you need the message to the wrong person, they will definitely leak your person’s important business information.

Email bombing:

Email bombing is a kind of cybercrime, in this method, a large number of messages sent to a person’s device and finally ends devices crashing or harmfully affect the devices.

Data storage:

When someone sends you mail and attached too many things with that mail then it took more storage from your device.


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