About us

About us

Pallab Mitra (Founder of web suggestion)

Hi, first of all, thanks for visiting this page. This page is all about me -Pallab Mitra (Founder of web suggestion) and my website. Here you will get exciting things about me and my website – https://websuggestion.com.

About websuggestion:

Welcome here I started developing the web suggestion in the year 2021. And I am a computer programming expert and learn many programming languages such as – c language,c ++programming language, python, Html, CSS, javascript, etc, besides that my interest is also in technologies. Therefore I thought why not spread my knowledge to the universe. So therefore for this purpose, I started my website here I will teach computer programming and technologies.

So if anyone is eager to learn programming languages and other computer-based and technology-related articles then I will tell you that it is the best blog website, because I know what is the best method to learn a programming language as well as technology.

Why websuggestion name:

I was already searching for lots of names on the web, but all the website names were already registered.

And after that, I thought that this was a computer programming and technological website in which I will share my web base skills, so I searched the name web suggestion and very thankful it did not register so I choose this name for my website.

About me:

What I will say about myself, from childhood I was a very ordinary boy, who is always eager to learn new things.

I was born into a very small town in Durgapur, Paschim Bardhaman, West Bengal.


As a child, everyone is addicted to sports and activities because it gives us a healthy lifestyle and releases the minds of the students. Similarly, I was also addicted to sports and special in cricket. When I was in school I play cricket almost all the time.

But because of the education pressure and working pressure, it is not possible for me to play cricket at this moment but I am a very big cricket lover and loves to watch cricket and never miss any single match that India has ever played.


I take my primary education from the c zone basic school in Durgapur and from there I move on to Durgapur projects township boys high school from where I have completed my 10th board examination.

Now here is the main situation to choose in between the science, commerce, and arts stream.

My 10th board exam marks were not so good therefore I choose the arts stream and where I take computer application as my subject and from there I found my interest in computers and programming.

After my 12th exam, I went to Barjora college and get admission to the English Honours and I completed my graduation from there.

Interest in computers:

When I was in my college I have heard a computer course named that is the NIELIT o level course and in which I take my admission and this course helped me to clear my basics computer fundamentals and it provides me with some programming languages concepts as well as technological concepts.

After this course, I get admission into the Nielit a level course also known as PGDCA or we can say that the combination of o level and a level course is equivalent to the BCA computer course.

Now I am in my B-level course which is also equivalent to the MCA course.


If I mention my major hobbies then it will be definitely blogging because in a day and almost for the 8 to 10 hours I activate to upgrade my blogging skills.

Actually, I heard the name blogging from my one friend, he is actually doing a biography blog and earning some good money. Therefore I also have started my blog on the biography topic and which will not runs and I am unable to earn any money from this blog because my only interest is money not in the content and after some time I quit the blog.

Then I understand that if you want to become successful then you have to focus on the work, not on the money, therefore I started a blog according to my knowledge, and believe it or not it gives me a very good result.

Future aspect:

When I started the blog at that time I thought to earn endless money but later I realize the fact that if you do your work then the money obviously comes, so do not focus on the money and always focus on the work. Now my intention is to provide my visitors useful content and satisfy them.

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Pallab Mitra

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