A level computer course Details

Welcome to this article here we will discuss a level computer course and the various other facts regarding a level computer course.

what is a level computer course?:

Well, the level computer course is actually the advanced level computer course. And it is actually equivalent to the advanced diploma course in it sectors and after the completion of the on-level course, its course duration is one year.

Is a level equivalent to BCA?:

Well, we cannot say that a level is equal to BCA because BCA is a much more popular course than the a level course.

But if we compare both the course syllabus then we will definitely notice that o level and after the completion of o level, there is a level these are almost similar to the BCA course.

And after the completion of both the courses we can give many types of exam in the various sectors.

How do I get a Doeacc A level certificate?:

Well you can get the a level certificate by clearing the exam only.

This course is actually the 1 year and 6 months course but if you clear the o level exam then this might be only a 1-year course for you, which consists of two semesters.

And besides that you also have to clear the project and practical exam.

Well, you can get admission into this course by the two methods, one is in a direct way however this might be very difficult for us because the syllabus of a level exam is very tuff and you cannot easily clear the exam without any guidance.

nielit a level eligibility:

Well you can enter into this course through various methods.

Here i mentioned all the criteria for entering into this course-

  • Either you have to pass the govt organised polytechnic course
  • Another criteria is you have to complete your graduation
  • Otherwise you have to clear the o level examination

From these three criteria, you have to complete anyone and then you can take your admission into this a level computer course.

A level computer course fees:

Well as i mentioned earlier if you have complete this course as a direct candidate then there is not so much cost of this course you have to just have to pay the exam test.

But if you do this same course from any institute then the cost will definitely much more, because the institute will take the tuition fees, practical fees as well as project fees from you.

The fees actually depend on the institute to institute, when I do the course at that time it will take 30000 rupees.

A level computer course duration:

The duration of this a level computer course is actually for one year and six months, for those candidates who not cleared the o level exam and directly get admission into a level examination.

However for those people who clear the o level exam and then take admission into a level course,

for those people the couse is in just 1 year.

A level computer course syllabus:

Well, the syllabus of this computer course is very heavy. And here some courses are mandatory and some papers are optional.

Here i mentioned about the course in details-

  • A1-R5 (Information technology tools and network basics )
  • A2-R5 (web designing and publishing)
  • A3-R5 (programming and problem solving through python)
  • A4-R5(Internet of things and its application)

These papers are exist within the o level exam .

  • A5-R5(Data structure through object-oriented programming language)
  • A6-R5 (Computer organization and operating system)
  • A7-R5 (Database technologies)
  • A8-R5 (System analysis and design)
  • A9- R5 (choose any of the modules according to your choice)
  • A10-R5 (choose any module from the a10 papers)

After the completion of these courses, you have to give two practical exams and also one project exam.

And it is total 1500 marks exam.

A level computer course jobs:

Well, there are multiple jobs are available for those candidates who clear a level exam.

And after the completion of this course you can apply for lots of govt jobs .

There are multiple govt jobs are available in the govt sector. In up there are lots of vacancies are provided for the aro(assistant review officer) Ro(review officer).

Well, you can also apply to multiple private sectors and in private sectors, there are lots of job vacancies are available.

Here i mentioned some career paths for the a level students.


This article is all about a level computer course and the other factors of a level computer course.

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