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9 Disadvantages of Windows 11? that you should know

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After Microsoft’s announcement of launching the Windows 11 operating system lots of people were asking about what will be the major changes performed within the windows 11 operating system from its previous versions.

So I have done some research about this topic and on the Internet and I get some useful advantages of using Windows 11 but after installing Windows 11, I noticed some glitches. These are also so can be considered as the disadvantages of Windows 11.

So, in this article, I am going to reveal those glitches, and here I States what are the major disadvantages of using the Windows 11 operating system.

So, what are the major disadvantages of windows 11? there were several disadvantages are there and here I mention some of the most important disadvantages-

1. Start Menu

The start menu within Windows 11 has been totally changed from its previous version of the Windows 10 operating system.

Within Windows 10 the start menu appears from the left-hand side but within Windows 11 the start menu will appear at the center of your computer screen.

9 Disadvantages of Windows 11
Windows 11

And if you are a regular windows 10 user then you have to spend some amount of time to learn the windows 11 start menu because here the start menu is totally redesigned.

And within windows 11, there are not lifetimes features, generally, lifestyles started within windows 8 because of this you will see the icons on the start menu, the icons were dynamic and they always show you the notifications or whether. Here in this version of windows, these features are not available.

2. Search Menu

Within Windows 10 operating system the search menu is available on the start menu options, therefore if you want to search any kind of apps or other things then you can easily do that by typing on the search box.

While within windows 11 operating system search is separated from the start menu app, and if you want to search something then you have to click on the search icon and then the searched apps will appear in front of you.

3. Dark Mode

There were lots of users who love to use the dark mode within their computer, they enable the dark mode and works in the dark mode .

Well, in the windows 11 operating system, the dark mode has become more colorful which is not good for dark mode fans. However, the start menu within the dark mode of windows 11 looks more transparent from previous versions.

4. Not Supportive to Older Computers

If you have a very old computer which does not have good features then you can unable to run this operating system.

Microsoft has provided a tool through which you can easily understand that your pc will unable to install the windows 11 operating system or not.

Here I mention the system requirements for windows 11-

  • 4 GB RAM
  • 64 GB or more than 64 GB is needed
  • 1 GHz or faster with 2 or more cores on a compatible 64- bit processor system is required
  • 2.0 version TPM requires

These are some of the basics criteria or basic system requirements for windows 11 OS. Well, to know more about these requirements you can read this article- Click Here.

Besides that, the tool provided by Microsoft doesn’t notify you of the correct information. I have tried this tool within my laptop which has 2 SSD, 64 GB RAM, I9 processor, quality graphics card but till the tool displays “this pc can runs the Windows 11 operating system”.

So, if the tool display you the same message then don’t worry about this, sometimes the information comes out as incorrect.

5. Boot Time

I have accomplished an experiment between windows 10 and windows 11, I have installed both the os in two separate laptops which include with same functionalities, and I open both the operating systems at the same time by pressing the start button.

The results were very shocking for me, I noticed that windows 10 open 2 seconds earlier than windows 11, at first I don’t accept this fact and therefore I did the experiments for one more time and similar results come, this time windows 10 open 3 to 4 seconds earlier than windows 11.

And based on these experiments it can be said that windows 11 boot time is a little bit higher than the windows 10 operating system.

6. Updating

If you are a windows user then you definitely should aware of the windows updating process, it takes lots of time when users update their system, this mainly happens because of the software updates of the windows operating system.

And this problem also exists within windows 10 os and there might some possibility that the same problems will exist within the windows 11 operating system also.

7. Task Manager

Within all the windows versions you can easily see the task manager option by right-clicking on the taskbar option, but within windows 11 if you right-click on the taskbar then you will not see the task manager option.

To, open the task manager within windows 11 you have to go to the windows option and right-click on there to see the task manager.

8. Deleting Apps

If you want to delete some apps within your mobile phone then it is a really easy task to do, but within the computer to delete an app you have to follow a complete process.

9 Disadvantages of Windows 11
Disadvantages of Windows 11

A similar thing is happening with windows 11, to delete an app you have to go to your control panel and from there you have to see the installed apps and then you have to uninstall the apps.

9. User Interaction

There were lots of interface redesigning performs within this windows 11 operating system, and therefore for the windows 10 user, it is slightly difficult to use this operating system, instead of difficult I would say that users have to spend some time to get familiar with its interfaces and to interact with this operating system.

Final Verdict

In this article, I have discussed the disadvantages of using the Windows 11 operating system, and all the disadvantages mentioned here appears because of some glitches. Actually, I installed the Windows 11 when its beta version launched, as the time progress all the glitches issues is gone.

I hope you have liked this article, and if you have any kind of query then you can ask me by collecting my email from my contact US page, and follow this website regularly for this kind of informational and helpful article.