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5 New Features of Windows 11

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Within Windows 11 OS some major and minor changes have been done and peoples are eager wants to know about the advanced & new features of Windows 11, Well, I have already installed the windows 11 OS on my PC, and in this article, I am going to explain some of the new features of Windows 11 operating systems and these features is not available within other versions of windows such as in windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8, etc. So, read this entire article to the end for detailed information.

So, what are the new features of Windows 11? there were several new features have integrated within Windows 11. For a better gaming experience, the Xbox X gaming feature is integrated within Windows 11, and besides that, for better visual effects, the Auto HDR feature is also integrated. Furthermore, if you are an android app lover then there is very good news for you and now you can very easily run the android apps and games without using any emulators. Besides that, some snapping layout features integrated within this OS and the interface of this operating system has redesigned a lot from its previous windows 10 version.

Now, in the below section, I have discussed all the new features of Windows 11 in detail, so stick to the end f this article.

Start Menu:

The start menu within Windows 11 operating system has changed a little bit and now the start button within windows 11 will appear at the center of your screen.

And the taskbar also appears at the center position of your screen, and the start menu and taskbar design are changes a little bit and the apps become much more flashy within this OS.

And some apps like Cortana is now not existed within this OS which is definitely a good thing because no one uses these apps like Cortana.

Brand New Microsoft Store:

According to Wikipedia the Microsoft store is the digital distribution platform and it was owned by Microsoft. It is also known as the app store or Windows store and it was initially started in the year of 2012. And it was developed by the Microsoft Corporation.

And with the help of this app store, you can install any kind of application and game freely or in the paid version.

Within Windows 11 you will get a brand new Microsoft store, it has a new layout and new user interface. Besides that this new Microsoft store works very fast and very responsively.

The most important thing is this Microsoft store will allow all kinds of apps such as universal apps, Web Apps, and Win32 Apps.

Android Apps in Windows 11:

This is another very good news for android app lovers, within this Windows 11 operating system you are going to see the android apps support and the android apps can easily be run on this version of Windows.

And this feature is not actually available within other versions of windows except Chrome OS, and Windows 11 is taking advantage of Chrome OS. And now the android apps will available within the Microsoft store, so you can very easily install the android apps from the Microsoft store.

Microsoft actually using the Intel Bridge technology to integrate the android apps within Windows 11 OS.

Besides that, you will be able to pin the android apps within the taskbar, start menu, and you can simply use these apps very smoothly as a regular android app.

New Snap & Desktop:

This is another cool change that has been done within this Windows 11 OS, and it is going to be a very worthful feature for the users. Users now can use these different snap layouts based on different screen sizes and based on resolutions.

But besides these the more greater and cool thing is Windows is going to remember these layouts even when you will switch to different apps. Furthermore, you can access the snap groups from the taskbar which will really help you to open your apps very quickly. Well, windows will also remember these snap layouts when you are on a different monitor screen.

Apart from the snap, the desktop within Windows 11 is way better too, and you can personalize them with different apps and different wallpapers to provide all of them a very unique look.

Teams in Windows:

Microsoft Teams is now integrated into Windows 11, and now you will see a teams icon within your taskbar and you can just click that to open the chat list and from here you can use the contact or make a call or you can also use this for text purpose, etc.

But teams are available on the platforms but most of the people are now shifted towards zoom, Google Meet, etc and therefore there is very little possibility that Teams will be by a very small amount of people.

But after this integration, some people will definitely be shifted towards Teams.

Gaming Features:

Windows 11 is also a very big update for gamers, and Microsoft is bringing the Xbox x features to the PC for better gaming experiences. Besides that, there is a new feature called auto HDR which will automatically update games with better lighting.

Furthermore, the Direct Storage API is also integrated with this Windows 11 and therefore it speeds up the gaming and now the games were loaded in a much faster manner.

Moreover, the Windows 11 OS is also going to support the Xbox cloud gaming services, and therefore, it is really good news for gamers.

These are some of the new features of Windows 11, and these features are really useful for the gamers

In Conclusion:

In this article, I have discussed some of the new features of Windows 11, I hope you have liked this article and if you have any kind of query then you can ask me in the comment section.

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