best computer courses for government jobs

5 best computer courses for government jobs

Welcome to in this article here we will discuss about the best computer courses for government jobs.

Although there are lots of computer courses available in the market which are very helpful for getting jobs into multiple private sectors.

But here i describe the best computer courses for government jobs with list.

Although there are various types of computer courses are available such as certificate courses, diploma courses and here we describe these courses in detail.

Here i describe a list of computer courses:

  • ccc computer course
  • DCA course
  • ADCA computer course
  • O level computer course
  • PGDCA course

Now we will discuss about all these courses in details.

CCC computer course:

In our list ccc course is presence in the very first position , the simple reason is that it is a very short term course .

And if anyone cleared 12th exam then can apply for this course .

CCC actually stands for the certificate in computer concepts and it is actually 3 months course. And this course is actually conducted by the NIELIT (National Institute of electronics and information technology).

In this course, you will learn about – computer basics, word processing, spreadsheet packages, presentation packages, digital financial skills, and some other types of courses.

There are multiple government sectors who actually recruit these students who cleared the ccc course.

DCA computer course:

In our list we also mention the name of dca course this actually means diploma in computer applications.

If any student clears the 10th and 12th for both the cases they can apply for this course and it is actually a 6 months course.

After the completion of this course, you will learn about lots of things such as – internet applications, ms office, Html, DBMS, internet applications, operating systems, etc.

ADCA computer course :

ADCA actually stands for the advanced diploma in computer applications .

And it is actually a one year course and you can do this course after the passing of the 12th exam.

But generally, the adca course is a little bit difficult, and this course is mainly for the science students and science candidates.

But dont be upset if you eagerly want to do this course then you can do this course.

This course is actually divided into 2 semesters.

In the 1st semester, you will learn about basic computer things such as- ms windows, ms PowerPoint, ms office, ms access, internet, email, computer network, and some fundamentals, etc.

While in semester 2 you will learn about some advanced things such as- tally, visual basic, c programming, Corel draw, photoshop, c ++ programming, etc.

There are many govt jobs are available for these candidates .

You can work as a web developer and develop the govt websites .

O level computer course:

NIELIT provides many types of computer courses for us, some of them are short term while some courses are long term.

Well, o level is actually 1 year course and according to my recomendation it is actually the best course for government jobs.

If you want to know about the o level computer course then please visit here.

PGDCA computer course:

Another important computer course for the government jobs is pgdca .

And it is actually means post graduation diploma in computer application.

This course is actually made for the graduation students.

This course can change your life , if you do this course with full focus then job is ready for you .

Because the structure of this course is very big and lots of technologies are included inside ooof these course.

After the completion of this course you can work as a software engineer, computer programmer, project manager.

Besides these you can also work into multiple private sectors.


In thos article i describe the 5 best computer courses for government jobs .

I hope you like this article and if you have any kind of query then please ask me at [email protected].

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