Advantages of open source software

4 crucial Advantages of Open source software


Open source is a kind of software whose source code is available for users , and they can also edit those software.

Generally, a developed built software and give a license to all the users to edit those. Its source code is freely available on the internet.

NRC FOSS(national resource center for free open source software) is a govt organization in India, which is used to increase open-source software.

When we purchase some software that is calls closed source software or proprietary software.

For example-windows and ios operating system is an example of closed source software.

Now we will see what is the difference between open source and closed source software.

Open-source software always better than closed source software, because in open source software we can modify the source code, this is not possible in closed source software.

Linux operating system, Symbian, Joomla, programming languages like PHP, Python, Mozilla firefox in web browsers like google chrome are some examples of open-source software.

Android is one of the biggest example of open source software.

Advantages of open source software:

1. open source software is free of cost

2. The quality of open source software is always better than commercial softwares.

3. Open source softwars are very secure as well

4. Open source software is very useful for programmers, programmers can detect the source code and create another software.

Types of open source software:

There are mainly 2 types of software

1. Freeware

2. Shareware


Freeware software is free of cost and it is usually burn up with some os.

The author of the freeware software is the owner of the software , although people may use it for free.

Its source code is not available ,users cannot modify that.

Some examples:

Skype,Adobe Acrobat reader,Internet.


Shareware is a kind of software that users can use that software for some specific period of time.

It is usually download from the internet.

When the trial period was over then user must be purchase that softwrare or uninstall that software.

Some examples:

Win zip,Cute fip,Get right.

Conclusion :

This article is all about the advantages of open source software and besides that here I also mention some of the crucial topics regarding open source software.

Such as types of open source software and open-source software definitions.

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