Important features of ms excel

15 important features of ms excel

Welcome to in this article here we will discuss about the 15 important features of ms excel.

Basically, ms excel is a spreadsheet package that is provided inside the ms office, there are multiple spreadsheet packages are available such as LibreOffice calc and others, but this is the most popular spreadsheet package that has been used worldwide.

There are multiple important features of ms excel and i will mention about all these features.

Here i provide a detailed list about the features of ms excel.

  • Paste special
  • Absolute references
  • Shortcurts
  • Goal seek
  • Charts
  • Cell formatting
  • excel tables
  • Header and footer option
  • Find and replace option
  • Data filtering option
  • Data Sorting option
  • Multiple formulas
  • Pivot table feature
  • Easy to store data
  • Conditional formatting option

Now we will discuss about all these excel features one by one , so plesae read the full post.

important features of ms excel

Paste special:

Paste special is a very important features in ms excel.

And this feature helps us to do copy from the texts and paste that inside our cells.

There are multiple ways to do paste special.

We can do that from the home tab otherwise we can also use this feature by right clicking on that.

Absolute cell reference:

In excel we can use the absolute cell reference.

There are two types of cell references one is relative cell reference and another is absolute cell reference.

And absolute cell reference is very advance feature that we can use to create any data table.


There are multiple features available in our ms excel, and suppose any user does not want to access the feature then the user can use the same feature with the help of keyboard shortcuts.

And all the shortcuts are provided in the menus and ribbon of ms excel .

Goal seek:

In ms excel the goal seek feature is given inside the what if analysis options.

And this feature is actually works in the reverse order.

In goal seek there are many options .

If you want to know about the goal seek feature in details, then visit – here.


In ms excel chart options is provide which will definitely helps us to display topics in the graphical format.

We can use these option from the insert menu .

There are lots of charts has been given in excel which we can use.

Such as bar chart, pie char, column chart etc.

Cell formatting:

In ms excel we can format the cells according to our requirements.

We can format the cells in many ways.

We can made the cells in the bulleted format , in the italics format or otherwise we can also use colours inside of our cells.


Excel allows us to create tables inside our sheets.

We can use captions inside our tables ,

we can define the header row, header columns and other multiple things inside our tables.

Header and footer:

Generally the header and footer are the two most important features that have been used inside our excel.

The header section is mostly use to define titles , headings, subheadings inside our articles and posts.

And on the other hand the footer section is use to provide the page numbers inside our articles ,

When we created any data table inside our excel sheets at that time there are multiple sheets are there and we can use those sheets but for our convenience, we use the header and footers inside our sheets.

Find and replace option:

Suppose we have created a long sheets inside our excel sheets now we want to edit a data inside our data sheet, if we do that in familiar process then it might be a very long process.

But excel provides us a shortcut to use this feature.

This feature is call as find and replace feature.

We can find the things by pressing ctrl+from keyboard and we can replace that word by pressing ctrl+h .

And we can edit the things according to our wish.

Data filtering option :

Data filtering is one of the most useful feaure in excel , we can filter data according to our requirements in excel.

In excel the filter option is given under the data tab.

Data sorting option:

Through this option we can sort data. And the sorting option is also provided under the data tab in ms excel.

Multiple Formulas:

We can perform multiple formulas inside our documents . Just create a document and apply any kind of formula inside you cell.

With the help of formulas we can perform any kind of activities also.

Pivot table:

The pivot table is actually used for arranging our document in a proper way. Or we can say that through this table we can present our data in a more summarise manner. In excel this option is given under the insert menu. Just go to insert menu- tables and pivot table option.

Conditional formatting:

Basically this is a kind of feature and with the help of this feature we can format any kind of cells and format on that cell.

If you want to use this option then go to home tab and click on the conditional formatting option.


This article is all about the important features of excel and here we provide15v immportant features of ms excel.

I hope you like this article and if you have any kind of query then please ask me at the [email protected].

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