15 Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Slides

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PowerPoint is one of the most popular and familiar software that people use. Many types of other software have been released in recent times as an alternative to PowerPoint, such as examples are LibreOffice Impress, WpsOffice Presentation, etc.

But among all these software, Google Slides is the most advanced software. There are many advanced features attached to Google Slides. Here in this article, I will discuss some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Slides.

There are many kinds of Google products available such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google drawing.

Google slides works as a presentation package; we can use this software instead of PowerPoint.

It was initially released in the year 2006 and is supported in various operating systems.

Such as Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, etc. It was available in 83 languages, and it was formulated with the help of the JavaScript programming language.

Now here I will discuss what the major advantages and disadvantages of Google Slides. 

Advantages of Using Google Slides

Free to Use:

The first advantage of using Google Slides is that it is completely free to use.

Many kinds of presentation applications are available which take some cost from the user, whether it has been a subscription fee or might be a one-time fee.

But Google Slides is free of cost, and you don’t have to pay any kind of money to anyone for the usage of these presentation applications.

So if you are an employee, a worker, a student, or a teacher, then Google Slides might be very much beneficial for you.

It has all the features, and it is available free of cost on the web.

Real-time Collaboration:

This is one of the major advantages that attract people to work with Google Slides.

Here the fact is you can create Google slides and works with your colleagues, with your friends, with your family at the same time and within the same presentation files.

Well, some of the well-known presentation applications also provide these features of real-time collaboration, but none of them is as good as provided by Google Slides.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Slides

Web-Based Application:

In most presentation applications, you have to download the complete file format, which will slow down your computer.

Well, that is not the case with Google Slides it is an online web-based application, and there is no need to download this software.

To access Google Slides, all you need is a web browser and a steady internet connection.

Therefore it does not affect your computer speeds.

Slides Automatically save:

I have used a lot of presentation software, but you have to press the ctrl+s button within every software to save your document.

If you work for many hours and don’t hit the ctrl+s button at the last moment, you will lose your document.

But that situation will not occur if you use Google Slide because here, your documents will save automatically.

Presentation Always Accessible :

Google Slides is a web-based application it saves your data in the cloud.

If you have a browser and internet connection, then you can access your files document or presentation document anywhere and any place.

And if you are using other presentation software or applications, then that is not the case with those applications.

You have to carry your laptop to produce a presentation in the office, but it in Google Slides is not mandatory to do.

Easy Sharing:

This is another good advantage of using Google slides.

Here the sharing process is very easy and super awesome, and even if your sharing files are much heavy, then it is not an issue with Google Slides.

Here you can share heavy Google Slides files with others.

Cross Platforms Availability:

If you are using other kinds of presentation applications, such as PowerPoint and LibreOffice impress, then it has some limitations and cannot be used on several platforms.

With Google Slides, that is something that you don’t have to worry about at all.

If today you are using Windows and tomorrow you want to move to Mac or something like Android; then you can easily able to do that.

This is happening because it is a web-based tool.

And besides that, here, you also don’t worry about importing and exporting your data from one format to another format.

Embedding Files:

Well, the embedding process within Google Slides is very easier than the other presentation applications.

In other presentation applications, it might be cumbersome for you to embed any kind of file.

But in Google slides, you just have to paste the link of the files, and it will be integrated very well into your slides.

Offline Mode: 

Google Slides is also available in offline mode.

You have to just activate the Google offline option from your Google Drive, and your presentation is now available for you to save, edit and make changes even if you are not connected to the internet. 

These are some of the advantages of using Google Slides.

Disadvantages of Using Google Slides

Now here in this section, I will be discussing what some of the disadvantages of using Google Slides are.

Need Google Account: 

The first disadvantage of using Google Slides is that you need a Google account to use Google Slides.

I know this is not a major disadvantage, but if you don’t create a Google account, you will be unable to use it.

Limited Themes:

The Other disadvantage of Google slides is that there are not many themes available within Google slides.

There are very few themes available within this, and if you want to use more themes, then you have to buy the themes otherwise, you have to adjust to the free themes.


If you have used some other kind of presentation application and then move into Google Slides.

You must remember that not all the shortcuts work within this Google Slides application.

A few shortcuts will be the same, but some will not match other presentation applications.

Limited numbers of Animations and Slides Transaction:

Compared with other presentation applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides has fewer transition and animation options.

Lack of Advanced Features: 

Google Slides is free to use; it brings to us some of the most unique features.

But it lacks some of the advanced features available with other presentation applications such as PowerPoint.


In this article, I have discussed the Advantages and disadvantages of Google Slides.

And all the information here I provide is based on complete research.

Google Slides, LibreOffice impress, and PowerPoint are all very good applications you can use any of these applications.

And I hope you have liked this article, and if you have any kind of query, then you can ask me in the comment section.

And please follow our website by clicking on the notification icon for this kind of informational article.

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