10 Best Google Chrome Extensions in 2022

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Google Chrome is one of the most popular and familiar web browsers which most people use, and there are several kinds of google chrome extensions are available.

These extensions are really useful for Google chrome users to perform specific tasks more efficiently and quickly. So, if you are a Google Chrome user, then read this entire article; here, I describe some of the best Google chrome extension names and their uses.

So, what are the best google chrome extensions? Well, there are many google chrome extension here I mention some of the best extension which is useful for everyone

  • Link to Text Fragment
  • Inssist
  • I Don’t Care About Cookies
  • Buster- Captcha Solver
  • Screenity
  • Tabextend
  • WhatFont
  • Share account

These are some of the best google chrome extension names, and now the below section, I will illustrate these extensions and their uses of these extensions.

Best Google Chrome Extensions and Uses

In the upper section, I have mentioned the names of the chrome extensions now; in this section, I explain the details of those extensions.

Link to Text Fragment:

This is the first google chrome extension that I have mentioned in my lists. The main work of this extension is to find the answers on google in a more quick way.

Nowadays, when you type something in Google, you will notice that google highlights the answer of that query by marking it in yellow color, so it becomes very easier for the users to find the specific answers.

Here the use of the extension is that when you want to recommend someone that specific answer, not the full article, then it will create a new link to that specific portion.

Just select the text first, then right-click from the mouse and then click on the link to text fragment option it will create a new link, and now you can share that link with others. And when they visit the link, they will visit that specific portion of that article link.


If you are an active Instagram user, this extension is very helpful. We know that Instagram does not allow you to allow Instagram photos or stories from the Instagram web app.

However, you can still manage to upload photos, but the videos are still painful

You can very easily fix this problem by using this chrome extension. It is a chrome app rather than an extension.

And this extension allows you to upload multiple photos and, most importantly, videos and stories from your pc to Instagram.

If you want to use this extension, then you have to login into the Instagram web app for security.


This is another good chrome extension that is mainly used for Whatsapp web purposes. Well, I do not like to use the Whatsapp web tab on my laptop. So, if you are in a similar situation to me, then you can use this extension.

Instead of opening the Whatsapp web app, just login into the WhatsApp web and close the tab completely.

When you use this extension, you will notice that the Watoolkit extension will be pinned at the top.

So, whenever a Whatsapp message comes, it automatically gives you notifications, and if it is urgent for you, then you can easily visit Whatsapp with a single click, and if it is not urgent, then you can leave this as it is.


Well, when you want to gain some information from the web at that point, we visit websites, and it becomes very irritating for us, too if the website is filled with lots of ads.

Because if those ads we cannot access the web page completely, and it works in a little bit of a slow manner.

So, you can remove all the ads on the website with the help of this chrome extension.

And you can easily read this entire article without ads besides that, it shows a highlighter over the texts you must follow to read the article, and this highlighter increases your concentration in reading the article.

I don’t care about cookies:

As the name suggests that this article is all about blocking cookies. Generally, cookies are some small data stored in our browsers when we access some websites. And with the help of cookies website stores your personal information.

When we access the websites, then there is some website that continuously asks you for cookie permissions, and believes that it is very irritating for a user.

With the help of this chrome extension, you can remove all the cookie notifications, and you can browse websites very peacefully.

Buster- Captcha Solver:

In recent days when you will visit google sometimes, google will ask you for the captcha challenge.

And you have to solve the captcha, sometimes it is very easy t solve, and sometimes it becomes harder for us to solve the full captcha.

So, if you don’t want to solve the captcha, then manually, you can take this chrome extension’s help.

Just click on the buster icon, and then it will automatically solve the captcha for you.

It uses googles own API to quickly solve the captcha within a few seconds.


This chrome extension is best for those people who are studying and who are working from home.

By using this extension, you can have your footage overlay over the video footage, and most importantly, you can do the cursor highlighter.

It also allows you to do arrowtation with the help of arrows and all the things you can do in real-time while you are recording the video.


If you use bookmarks on chrome, then you know that it is very boring, and you cannot have 10 to 20 bookmarks at once.

So, for this, you can use the tab extend, it provides you with organized open tabs, which are much better than bookmarks.

Besides that, you can also add your custom note when you are researching a topic. And therefore, this extension is much better.


This is another very good chrome extension that you can use for fonts. When you visit some websites, you will be noticed that the fonts are very attractive and dazzling.

So, you want to use that font, well, with the help of this extension, you can know the font names of other websites, and then you can use those fonts.

Share account:

This is a very useful chrome extension. And with the help of this website, you can share any of your accounts, such as your Netflix account, Hotstar premium account, and another account, without revealing your password.


These are some of the best google chrome extensions which are helpful for everyone.

I hope you have liked this article, and if you have any kind of query, then you can ask me in the comment section and follow our website regularly for this kind of helpful and informational article.

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